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If snoring is affecting you and/or your partner's sleep, then Koala Nap is the solution. Koalas can sleep 18-22 hours a day. This App aims to help to reduce snoring and improve sleep helping you get in those 8 peaceful hours of sleep per night.


About Us

Anything for sleep!

Koala Nap is not just an app, it's our personal journey and tried and tested solution. I've snored for many years and when I got married it started to affect me and my wife and would often end in sleepless nights for us both and an unhappy wife (which we all know is never a good thing!). See, we both love to sleep and my snoring made us both very cranky! I visited doctors, tried the many online solutions to stop or prevent snoring but nothing worked.

As an ios developer, the easiest way to solve this problem was to created my own solution and this is how Koala Nap was born.  I have worked tirelessly on this goal, carefully crafting our App to give users like myself the chance to truly prevent snoring and improve sleep. It works for me - we hope it will work for you too!


I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

Koala Nap's advanced snore detection utilises the latest machine learning algorithms, and large data set of snoring sounds. The result is an accurate detection of snoring, ignoring non snoring background sounds, for example baby crying, motor sounds etc. The user will also be able to see how much they snored.

Koala Naps goal is to actively reduce snoring, and promote healthy sleep.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

When snoring is detected, the user will receive a notification every two seconds. The notification can be configured to vibrate or make a sound on your phone or apple watch encouraging you to change your sleep position. Once snoring isn't detected anymore the vibrations will stop automatically.

What tips are suggested for best results?

Use the app a few times as the snore detection is based on machine learning which increases in accuracy the more the app is used. 

Try to reduce background noise for example TV, radio or other loud devices.

Make sure to enable internet when the app launches, in order to update the snore detection algorithm. Keep the app version up to date.

How often are there updates to the App?

Updates generally occur once a week. We are constantly trying to improve on the features and functionality available and take users feedback seriously.

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